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Participating Fire Departments

100 Mile House Fire-Rescue

We provide smoke alarms to those that have a need for them. We have been testing smoke alarms and replacing batteries in smoke alarms for seniors and other citizens who need our assistance. We are starting a door to door smoke alarm campaign.

Abbotsford Fire Rescue Service

AFRS provides battery opperated smoke alarms to any household in Abbotsford free of charge. The front line fire engines carry smoke alarms so that if they come across a home with a non working smoke alarm it is replaced immediately.

Agassiz Fire Rescue

Fire Department members will go to any home and install smoke alarms when requested or when we respond to a home we will check the resident for working smoke alarms and will install a new one if we cannot repair the exsisting smoke alarm.

Ashcroft Volunteer Fire Department

We will be making school presentations with handouts on the importance of smoke alarms for the home. Our Fire Prevention Week article in the weekly newspaper will also have the same message for all to read.

Bowen Island Fire & Rescue

Bowen Island Fire & Rescue serves the 4000 residents of our Island located in Howe Sound. As well as Fire suppression and inspection services, our 30 Volunteers also provide the Emergency Program and First Responder Service.

Cache Creek Fire Department

We do a "plan to get out alive" contest every year at the Elementary school. Winner is Chief for a day & 2 runners up are Assistants. All 3 recieve new smoke alarms, & get picked up and dropped off at school in the fire truck.

Central Saanich Fire Department

The Central Saanich Volunteer Fire Department has a Smoke Alarm Program. Our main objective is to ensure that there is a working smoke alarm in every home in our community and that people know how to test and maintain their smoke alarms.

Chilliwack River Valley Volunteer Fire Department

The CRVVFD has an active smoke alarm campaign in place that sees working smoke alarms installed in homes at higher risk for fire (mobile homes parks, homes housing the elderly or the developmentally challenged, etc.

City of Campbell River Fire Department

We provide and install free smoke alarm to homes in our fire protection area.

Colwood Fire Department

To promote the importance of working smoke detectors to people in our community, we had a message imprinted on large red re-usable grocery totes that are handed out to the customers of one of our local grocery chains during Fire Prevention Week.

Comox Fire Rescue

Through our "Sound of Life" program we have been going door to door, giving away about 200 smoke alarms, per year, for about 20 years now. We also check for addressing, FIRE SMART and other issues while meeting our customers.

Courtenay Fire Departmant

A working Smoke Alarm in every home is our goal. The Courtenay Fire Department in conjunction with Home Depot will test or install smoke alarms in homes on requested or during Neighbourhood visits.

Creston Fire

Creston FD placed a smoke alarm in each ministerial association food hamper at Christmas this year - Creston purchased 450 alarms for this

CSRD Fire Services

Radio campaign with 91.5 EZ Rock. Test the smoke alarms live on the air to be entered into a draw. The winner receives a ride to school at the end of fire prevention week in a fire truck.

Cumberland Fire Rescue

We have adds in the local paper we replace install broken or old Battery Smoke detectors Fore people that need them .

Dashwood Fire Department

Pub Ed and smoke alarm awareness. We also give out free smoke/co alarm batteries to everyone in our area.

Dawson Creek Fire

The Dawson Creek Fire works with Panago and Dominos Pizza delivering pizzas during prevention week. Working smoke alarms get free pizza and non working or no smoke alarms get you free batteries or free smoke alarms. Also we do some door to door.

Elkford Fire Rescue

Will be delivering pizzas in Fire Prevention week. Homes with working smoke alarms will receive theirs free. Smoke alarm awareness all year as well. Looking to supply smoke alarms to those who need them most.

Forest Grove

We plan a questionaire letter through the school to find out who do not have working alarms we will then make arrangements to install new alarms at no cost

Fort St. John Fire Rescue

Provided 30 free smoke alarms to families that didnt have smoke alarms during public event for fire prevention week.

Fraser Lake Fire Rescue

Included reminders in residential tax notices about the need to test & replace smoke alarms. Inserted invitation in Village newsletter to contact the fire deaprtment for smoke alarm advice. Posted link to smoke alarm video on Village Facebook page.

gitwinksihlkw volunteer fire department

yes, we have installed smoke alarms. this year we changed the batteries on those smoke alarms.

Golden Fire Rescue

Fire Prevention week at the schools... Radio campain "two ways out" and check smoke alarms and batteries. Open House planned with smoke alarm awareness.

Grand Forks Fire/Rescue

Fire Prevention Week campaign teamed up with Panago Pizza to test fire alarms.

Hemlock Valley Fire Dept

Hemlock Fire Dept will supply a smoke detector free of charge and will install if requested. Those wishing to have their current smoke detectors tested can set up an appointment to have someone from the department come by and test their alarm(s)

Hope Fire Department

We will make available free smoke alarms for those homes that do not have a one as identified on calls, by community agencies or upon request.

Hornby Island Fire Rescue

We have a continuing smoke alarm campaign in our community where we install free smoke alarms in houses and sleeping areas when people call in or sign up during our special events

Hornby Island Fire Rescue

we provide free basic smoke alarms for any residence and install them for the homeowner.

Kamloops Fire Rescue

Smoke Alarm Recycling Program, University Student Smoke Alarm Program, Home Inspections Based on Requests, Door to Door Programs, Fire Prevention Week Smoke Alarm Campaigns.

Kelowna Fire Department

The Kelowna Fire Department also has a goal to conduct door to door visits in 14 local manufactured home parks over the 18 months offering smoke alarms to those resident that need working smoke alarms

Kitimat Fire/Ambulance

Free smoke alarm to residents that require one.All smoke alarms alarms donated by local business and industry.Summer student program gave away free smoke alarms to residence that had a fire safe home inspection completed or to those who requested.

Ladysmith Fire Rescue

Ladysmith Fire / Rescue will install a free smoke alarm in homes that does not have a working smoke alarm device when attending a incident before leaving that residence. We are also handing out complimentary smoke alarms if requested.

Langford Fire Rescue

We offer a free smoke alarm and installation to all seniors, disabled or struggling families. If we are at a house during any type of call, we will not leave unless there is a working smoke alarm installed. Each truck carries alarms and batteries.

Langley City Fire Rescue

Pizza ride a long program and testing alarms. During calls alarms are checked and replaced if need be. RAP video promoting two ways out and testing alarms. Open house smoke alarm draws. Newspaper article included testing of smoke alarms.

Mayne Island Fire Rescue

We will provide a battery opperated smoke detector to any household in Mayne Island free of charge. These are great as a backup since 120V wired in detectors do not function during a power outage. Call us at 250 539 5156 or drop in at the Fire Hall.

Mission Fire / Rescue

Mission Firefighters will install smoke alarms in homes that are at high-risk for a fire, and homes that do not have a working smoke alarm. They educate homeowners/residents on the importance of maintaining smoke alarms and fire safety in the home

Nakusp & District Vol. Fire Dept.

The fire department has been supplying smoke alarms in the new born baby kits that the Local Health Nursing staff have been putting together for any new born in the Nakusp and Area for well over 10 years, and continue to do so.

Nelson Fire & Rescue

-Telephone Campaign to test alarm while on phone. -Wristband Contest for youth. -Low income home visits to verify alarms. -Extensive community partnerships. -Home insurance giveaway contest for working alarms. -Regular radio appearances.

Nelson Fire Rescue

Target at risk group. Increased contact with the community through Social Media. Telephone every home in Nelson to verify a working smoke alarm.Utilize community business partnerships to hold contests that promote fire safety.Conduct Community Visits

New Afton Fire & Mine Rescue

On our open house day we gave out information packages regarding fire safety inclusive of colouring books, trinkets and other material regarding ensuring that you have working smoke alarms and two ways out to over 300 children and their families.

Oak Bay Fire Department

Bylaw established over 10 yrs ago requiring smoke alarms in all residences Will provide loaner smoke alarms for faulty alarms are detected Provide information guidance on location to prevent false alarms Supply and install new batteries when required

Oyster River Fire Rescue

We have a sign on the highway that says Working Smoke Detectors Save Lives. We hand out smoke detectors to the tours that come through the firehall. We also promote working smoke detectors to people who come in for burn permits.

Parksville Fire Department

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Program

Peachland Fire/Rescue

Peachland Fire members visited mobile homes in Peachland and installed free smoke alarms for these types of residences that may be more vulnerable

Pender Island Fire Rescue

Articles on the reasons smoke alarms are a priority including the fact that it is the law. We are also doing presentations and have an open offer to supply and install smoke alarms in any home, cottage or sleeping cabin if help is needed.

Penticton Fire Department

Penticton FD has been testing and installing smoke alarms during Neighbourhood Visits and when requested. Penticton was one of the first municipalities in BC to have a Working Smoke Alarm Bylaw after the loss of two children in a motel fire in 1988.

Pitt Meadows Fire Rescue

The City of Pitt Meadows Fire Rescue carries smoke alarms on all our apparatus and crews will install the required number when they come across a residence that does not have working smoke alarm or they are missing.

Powell River Fire Rescue

Provides free Smoke Detectors and testing for Senior Citizens. Provides Fire Safety tips on "Powell River Fire Rescue" facebook page.

Saanich Fire Department

- Smoke Alarm Awareness and replacement program in accordance with the BC Fire Chiefs Association - Print media - Public service announcements 4x daily on 6 local radio stations - website material

Salmon Arm

Kids ph radio station, sound smoke alarm, entered into draw for ride to school in fire engine. Partnered with Dominos pizza, sound smoke alarm, recieve pizza delivered by f.f. Partnered with local insurance broker, they purchased $500.00 worth alarms

Salt Spring Island Fire /Rescue

By request we will install smoke alarms for any one who needs one. We have recently expanded our program to include carbon monoxide detectors as well. This program is partially funded by our local Rotary Club

Sechelt Fire Department

The Sechelt Fire Department is working with local media and support groups to ensure all homes in our community are equipped with at least one working smoke alarm. It is our goal to achieve this. Programs such as this certainly help us reach our goal

Sicamous Fire Dept.

Purchased smoke detectors and has been giving them out as prizes at several fire prevention events

Sidney Fire Department

Provide and install battery operated smoke alarms, check alarms, supply and install batteries for any resident in Sidney.

Sparwood Fire Department

New signage on our ladder (working smoke alarms save lives) Door to door safety check of alarms in our most vulnerable areas Posters and hand outs in key locations during our Fire Safety Week.

Surrey Fire Services

Firefighters visited vulnerable residences in their community to install or test smoke alarms. Surrey Fire has red rubber arm bands that they give out to remind citizens to test/install smoke alarms

Taylor Fire & Rescue

Checking Smoke detectors durring FPW - tageting seniors and those at risk. Checking smoke detectors when on appropriate medical calls. Carrying batteries and smoke detectors in Fire apparatus for distribution to the public as needed.

Thetis Island Vol. Fire Dept.

Phone check to residents for working alarms. Free alarm if none in residence. Will send FF out to seniors to check and renew batt. e-letter campaign community signs

Township of Langley Fire Department

We are checking smoke alarms in every residence that we enter on an call for assistance basis. More to come in future via our Training and Education Division.

Tumbler Ridge Fire Department

We distributed a smoke alarm to every student at our elementary school. 232 in all.

Union Bay Fire Rescue

Make the public aware through articles in the papers and on community websites the value of having a working smoke alarm. Woring smoke alarms are also given to those who do not have one already.

Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services

VFRS will be implementing our new Home Saftey Check Program, late August 2012! The HSCP is an initiative which will see us recommend safety measures to the residents of Vancouver. This will include providing free smoke alarms to those when needed.

Vernon Fire Rescue Services

Just launched our smoke alarm campaign last Saturday at "Big Chief" mobile home park. More than a dozen fire fighters from Vernon Fire Rescue and Silver Star Rotary canvassed 140 manufactured homes where more than a dozen smoke alarms were replaced.

Victoria Fire Department

The City of Victoria has a long standing Smoke Alarm Bylaw whereby the owners of buildings are required to install and maintain at least one smoke alarm in every dwelling unit. Our members are here to assist, or available to answer any questions

West Kelowna Fire Resuce

Smoke alarm installation program

White Rock Fire Rescue

WRFR crews check for working smoke alarms when possible at all calls, installing detectors or batteries if needed. WRFR partnered with Panago during F.P.W., free pizza order if working smoke alarm. Working with high-risk residents.